Saturday, August 27, 2011

The cutest alphabet... The cutest alphabet... I ever saw... I ever saw...

 So being out of a grade level classroom and into a specials position I knew there would be some adjustments. I have been making myself walk around the building and peak into classrooms to say hello. I had been with the same rockin' team for a few years and it is time for me to make some new partnerships. I was walking past a 2nd grade room and stopped to chit chat when the teacher pointed out her alphabet strip to me... and my jaw was dragging on the floor! She had found the idea on proteacher to make a book character alphabet. How cute... how fun... how PERFECT for our new library! SO I got to work and am excited to change it up each year with a few new book characters.

The sign first:

Alphabet Sign

And somehow A-C disappeared when I uploaded it on scribd... I'll try to look into what happened and change the link a little later...

Storybook Alphabet