Saturday, August 27, 2011


  Before I dive into what my planner consists of, I wanted to give some background info real quick:

1) I am JUST starting my masters in library sciences... so I WILL make mistakes.. please point them out kindly :)
2) Our library just finished up a renovation during the summer which included paint, carpet, trenching the floor with outlets, knocking out a wall, and loads of technology (pictures to come soon).
3) Everything I do this year is a work in progress so even though this is my planner now... who knows come February!

My cover is my schedule for the day and I rotate them back as the days change:


Planner Pages

Next comes the Library's scope and sequence:

     I am using a mixture of different people's S&S for my first year. Since I did not create them myself, I do not want to post them on here with out the author's permission. Feel free to use google or Proteacher because there are plenty templates and ideas out there for library skills.

Then in goes my state's standards of learning:
       I live in Virginia and figured I wouldn't bore the rest of you out there! You get the jist!

Viola! A planner! I can be slightly type A at times and I organize my planner with clear protective sheets. I have my current week's plans in one protector, previous weeks plans in another protector, and then blank planning sheets in a third sleeve.