Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mr. Dewey himself!

     Oh how I love and loathe the Dewey Decimal system all at once... oh gosh I may have JUST broken a cardinal rule of librarianship...

     Most elementary school students and plenty of teachers do not fully understand how to use this system so I made some posters (regular paper size for each) to hang in the library for reference. Yes they could use the computer cataloging system, but it is always best to put information out in many different mediums! I have already had great feedback from some co-workers on using these to help them just browse for topics at random! WOO SUCCESS!

Dewey Decimal Signs

(type A coming out again... I glued each sheet to black construction paper then laminated... I needed the border since it just looked wrong with out it!)

 Oh and you just have to watch this video.... This guy is just ridiculous but I have a feeling he'll hold children's attention.